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  • EzeSharp Knife Sharpener For Sale in the USA

    If you have always wanted an ezesharp for sale in the USA your wait is over. The knife sharpener you always wanted is here now. You do not have to pay the steep shipping cost to get it here from Australia, you are in Luck. The Ezesharp knife sharpener is for sale in the United States again after being gone for several years.

    Hunters, Survivalists, Chefs and Meat Processors can be assured that their sharpening needs are no met with the accuracy precision that only an ezesharp sharpener can provide. For a limited time we are offering these with free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. So what are you waiting for? Get your knives sharpened correctly and quit taking too much metal off of those expensive knives with an inferior sharpener!

  • Because In Your Industry, Dull Just Doesn't Cut it!

    Are you an independent butcher? Do you manage or work at a meat processing plant? If you do, you of all people know the importance of a sharp knife.  You are intimately familiar with each one of your knives, and wouldn't dream of using the wrong knife for any particular task. You know that there is nothing more dangerous than a dull knife.

    You've tried dozens of knife sharpeners. There are some good ones out there, and you probably have a pretty decent one. But here at EzeSharp, we believe we have the very best. Yes, the best knife sharpener out there anywhere. This ain't your average knife sharpener: the EzeSharp is a hard core, industrial strength, sharpen it on-the-fly, get-it-done-quickly-because-you-have-work-to-do sharpener, made for professionals like you!

    Abraham Lincoln had it right. He said, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe." Well, if he had had an EzeSharp Sharpener, he'd have been chopping down that tree in a manner of minutes—AND, his axe would've easily sliced through the hairs on his arm before he started. AND, he would've been able to stop midway and resharpen in a manner of minutes if he had to.

    Able to accomodate knives of just about any proportion, the EzeSharp is designed to be repeatably accurate. You just set it up and go. Need another stone for another size knife? In less than a minute you're accurately sharpening another knife. Scissors, cleavers, oyster, boning, carving... ANY knife you use can be sharpened quickly, precisely and fuss-free. Whether you're dealing with primal or retail cuts, the EzeSharp gets you back at the block chop-chop!

    We invite you to try the EzeSharp Sharpener. With a money back guarantee, you can't lose anything except a lot of time sharpening knives the old way!

  • Sharpen your knives for hunting season!

    Hunting season is almost upon us—it's time to start getting ready! You know what a pleasure it is to use a properly sharpened knife, right? Remember that? Well, we have the perfect sharpener for you. The EzeSharp Sharpener is a patented sharpener that provides a perfect edge every time, no mistakes. You pick the exact angle that you want to sharpen your knife and dial it in. Once you have it set, you can be assured that you will never shorten the life of your expensive knives by taking off too much metal or sharpening to the wrong angle. That's right, perfect every time.

    Besides hunting, you will find many uses for this sharpener. Your family will appreciate the sharper knives in the kitchen, including serrated knives! It's also perfect for a lot of your lawn and garden sharpening needs, too. The EzeSharp is just a great tool to have around the house. If you have any questions about it, give us a call anytime or e-mail us. We are here to help!

  • What is really the "Best Knife Sharpener"

    You see a lot of people making claims that their knife sharpener is the best, but if you're reading this blog you are serious about your knives. The best knife sharpener means a lot to you. You are sharpening high end hunting knives or chef's knives that cost a ton of money. Even though you may be able to make a good edge with some of the other systems out there, consider the cost of removing all of the extra metal that belt sanders remove...and reducing the overall life of your knives. Consider the precision required to keep the knife at exactly the right angle to sharpen correctly.

    A guided rod and clamp systems are the obvious choice—and that's exactly what the EzeSharp provides. It uses a clamp to hold the blade stationary while an abrasive stone block of your choice is moved across the cutting edge at a an angle predetermined by you. That's right, you dial in the angle you want, you pick the knife of stone you want to use and the EzeSharp does the hard part of maintaining that perfect angle with an easy to use guide system.

    Most knife sharpening experts regard these systems as the gold standard of knife sharpening.  This is because they enable the cutting angle to be controlled precisely and then the same angle is repeated every time the knife is sharpened.  Is it as fast as an electric system or a belt sander? No, but if you really care about your knives, it's the way to go!

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