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  • Because In Your Industry, Dull Just Doesn't Cut it!

    Are you an independent butcher? Do you manage or work at a meat processing plant? If you do, you of all people know the importance of a sharp knife.  You are intimately familiar with each one of your knives, and wouldn't dream of using the wrong knife for any particular task. You know that there is nothing more dangerous than a dull knife.

    You've tried dozens of knife sharpeners. There are some good ones out there, and you probably have a pretty decent one. But here at EzeSharp, we believe we have the very best. Yes, the best knife sharpener out there anywhere. This ain't your average knife sharpener: the EzeSharp is a hard core, industrial strength, sharpen it on-the-fly, get-it-done-quickly-because-you-have-work-to-do sharpener, made for professionals like you!

    Abraham Lincoln had it right. He said, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe." Well, if he had had an EzeSharp Sharpener, he'd have been chopping down that tree in a manner of minutes—AND, his axe would've easily sliced through the hairs on his arm before he started. AND, he would've been able to stop midway and resharpen in a manner of minutes if he had to.

    Able to accomodate knives of just about any proportion, the EzeSharp is designed to be repeatably accurate. You just set it up and go. Need another stone for another size knife? In less than a minute you're accurately sharpening another knife. Scissors, cleavers, oyster, boning, carving... ANY knife you use can be sharpened quickly, precisely and fuss-free. Whether you're dealing with primal or retail cuts, the EzeSharp gets you back at the block chop-chop!

    We invite you to try the EzeSharp Sharpener. With a money back guarantee, you can't lose anything except a lot of time sharpening knives the old way!

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