What is really the "Best Knife Sharpener"

You see a lot of people making claims that their knife sharpener is the best, but if you're reading this blog you are serious about your knives. The best knife sharpener means a lot to you. You are sharpening high end hunting knives or chef's knives that cost a ton of money. Even though you may be able to make a good edge with some of the other systems out there, consider the cost of removing all of the extra metal that belt sanders remove...and reducing the overall life of your knives. Consider the precision required to keep the knife at exactly the right angle to sharpen correctly.

A guided rod and clamp systems are the obvious choice—and that's exactly what the EzeSharp provides. It uses a clamp to hold the blade stationary while an abrasive stone block of your choice is moved across the cutting edge at a an angle predetermined by you. That's right, you dial in the angle you want, you pick the knife of stone you want to use and the EzeSharp does the hard part of maintaining that perfect angle with an easy to use guide system.

Most knife sharpening experts regard these systems as the gold standard of knife sharpening.  This is because they enable the cutting angle to be controlled precisely and then the same angle is repeated every time the knife is sharpened.  Is it as fast as an electric system or a belt sander? No, but if you really care about your knives, it's the way to go!