EzeSharp Blade Sharpener

Designed and manufactured in Australia, EzeSharp Blade Sharpener has established an international reputation as one of the best sharpeners available, and has several international patents. Made from heavy duty steel and precisely machined, this sharpener is rugged and durable—it most likely will be the last sharpener you’ll ever buy. This basic unit sharpens blades up to 7" in length. Please see our Accessories page for accessories that allow you to sharpen larger blades.

EzeSharp Blade Sharpener


Included in the package will be:Package

1. BladeSharpener

2. Two Stone Frames (2x8x1 & 3x9x1)

3. 100mm Flip Over for all your                          7-inch knives

4. Owner's Manual (download)

5. All necessary tools.

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