EzeSharp Blade Sharpener

Sharpening with the EzeSharp is just that: easy. By simply adjusting the angle of our patented guide system, your knives will have the edge you need in a matter of minutes. The EzeSharp Blade Sharpener works by clamping the blade to be sharpened in a rotatable vice-like clamping jig with degree angle adjustments.  An oil stone, file or diamond stone can be used resulting in no loss of temper in the blade being sharpened.  The ‘T’-bar guides the stone at a very accurate and steady angle in relation to the blade being sharpened.

Infinite angle adjustments together with the ‘T’-bar, gives the operator total control over movement, pressure and angle.  This degree of control and safety, and the ability to sharpen such a wide range of blades, to either factory specification or to create a variation to suit the work or individual make the EzeSharp Blade Sharpener totally unique.

The EzeSharp Blade Sharpener takes the guess work out of sharpening by providing control and repeatability of the correct sharpening angle – the true secret of sharpening. *A detailed instruction booklet is included with the Blade Sharpener System.